As a seller, you are looking to maximize your profits, disrupt your daily life and operations as little as possible, and to sell your building in a reasonable time frame.  At Mysak Realty, our objective is to help you achieve all of those goals.  You will not only have all of our sales agents working for you, but also all of our full-time office staff.  We believe in providing you with professional service and maximum exposure for your property, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Mysak Realty’s Selling Process

1.  Before meeting with you, we review the income and expense documents for your building, so that we are prepared to give you a proper opinion on the property’s value.

2.  We meet with you at the building, in order to view all of the common areas and some of the units, in order for us to assess the general condition of the building.  We make suggestions on areas that need improvement.  We consider what capital expenditures need to be completed, and how they may affect the selling price that we will suggest.

3.  We suggest an asking price to you, based on the condition of the building, income and expense documents, and market cap rates.  Once we agree on a selling price, we sign either an exclusive listing or an MLS listing.

4.  Before going to market, we ask you to provide us with the following documents (as applicable): contracts, surveys, engineering and environmental reports, mortgage details, current rent roll, and 24 months worth of bills.

5.  We review all due diligence material, in order to make sure that our marketing material is as accurate and complete as possible.  We create the marketing material for your building, and review it with you, before introducing your building to buyers.  This due diligence process is extremely important.  This process ensures that the information that the buyer receives when we first introduce them to your building is the same information they will find during their own due diligence checks.  The due diligence step that we help you undertake shortens conditional periods and reduces the chance of a buyer asking for a price reduction.

6.  With the use of our database system of apartment building owners, acquisition managers and purchasers we email and/or fax the marketing material for your building to our qualified buyers, and we advertise your property in our newsletter.

7.  We are an aggressive sales brokerage that believes that passive marketing MUST be accompanied with direct marketing.  We call our qualified buyers list, informing them of the opportunity to purchase your property.  Each member of the Mysak Realty sales team dedicates at least 20 hours a week to calling prospective purchasers.  We take the time to ensure that the information we provide buyers about your building is well-presented and well-understood.

8.  We provide tours of your building to qualified buyers, and help all interested purchasers prepare offers.

9.  We represent you, and advocate for your interests, on all offer presentations.  We understand the intricacies of Agreement of Purchase and Sale contracts.

10.  We provide the buyer with all due diligence material.  We help the buyer arrange inspections, financing, and appraisals, in order to help them through due diligence in a timely fashion.

11.  Once the deal goes firm, we work with both parties and their solicitors to ensure a smooth closing.

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